LIVING Fresh mets Poland in Pakfood 2017

This year the PoznaƄ International Fair was celebrating its 95th anniversary.

During 25 to 28th of September, LIVING Fresh was part of Pakfood – a thought-through strategy within Poland’s borders. Attending the fair gave us the opportunity to both display our products and became more aware of our competition. Obviously, there is more competition on the exhibition market now than before. However, healthy competition has always driven change and development. As a result, exhibiting Pakfood helped us to:

  •          build new customer database;
  •          strengthen customer contacts;
  •          showcase and promote products on Polish market;
  •          build our company image;
  •          create and strengthen our brand;

Pakfood 2017 was a great experience, as we managed to learn more about customer expectations, we received immediate feedback on our products, find local product distributors
and showcase our products by stimulating the 5 senses of attendees.

We will live the experiance again, next year, May 29th to June 1st, in Milan, during IPACK-IMA 2018 ! Looking forward and hope to see u there !